Jon Brunberg


A selection of works from 1995 to present day.
Cyclical Interpretation and Quotations (Richard A. Cohen)

Graphite on paper, metal clips, 100 x 120 cm, 2014-2016
Book, color pencil, metal clips, approx. 28 x 21 cm, 2014

Diagram and Stay/Stranded

Diagram, Graphite on paper and Stay/Stranded, Audio, loop, 6:33 min, 2014.

Asylum Seekers - Origins and Destinations (2012)

Graphite on paper, 217 x 154 cm (smaller version, 105 x 70 cm)

Polynational War Memorial: Master Plan 2013

Digital image, variable size
Created 2013 (work in progress)

Tolerate ‒ an anthology about intolerance and tolerance from a psychological perspective

Anthology, 112 pages. Authors: Fred Saboonchi, Tomas Böhm, Liria Ortiz. Editor and preface: Jon Brunberg


Two-channel video installation, 12:30 min, loop. Book, 112 pages, in Swedish. Website/application at

124 years (study)

Video/animation 30 seconds, loop.
Work in progress, study
Produced for, 2010

UWC Documents

A new, revised, and re-designed, edition of the two winning essays in the Utopian World Championship released in collaboration with Raketa Press 2009.

19 Years

Updatable Flash animation/application
Length: approx. 60 sec. depending on equipment
Edition of 10

The Polynational War Memorial, part 3: the Interfaith Centre

Video/animation (avi-file) 7 min 40 sec
Edition of 5

The Polynational War Memorial - Wanås Master Plan

Full-scale simulation of The Polynational War Memorial for the group exhibition Loss/Förlust at Wanås in 2008..

The Power Tool

The Power Tool is a web application that attempts to measure and analyse the power of individuals with an online poll and a simple toolset.

The Utopian World Championship Gala & Conference 2005

The second Utopian World Championship Gala and Conference, held at Färgfabriken in Stockholm on April 2-3, 2005.

The National Anthem Orchestra

Performance. Collaboration with Annika Drougge. 
Skåne Social Art Forum - Utopi Station, at Stora Torget in Lund,
May 7 - 9, 2004.

U.W.C. Wall Map

Jon Brunberg & Brendan Earley,Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin, Jan 29 to March 6, 2004.
101 Years and One Vision for the Future of Mankind, Oct 04 -26, 2003. Galleri Hlemmur, Reykjavik.

101 Years

Flash animation, 2003, ca 60 sec
Edition of 10

Delivery of the UWC DOC 01 to Iceland's President

Utopian World Championship Doc Delivery - the President of Iceland: Mr Olafur Ragnar Grimsson.
Hafnarfjördur, Iceland, October 7, 2003.

The Utopian World Championship Gala 2002

The first Utopian World Championship Gala was held at Gallery Enkehuset in Stockholm on January 19, 2002.

Protest Center Linköping: Dirty Cowards

Acrylic on textile, appr. 320 x 200 cm
Video, tables, maps, objects

500w halogene floodlights, IR-sensors, video relay, video projector. Dimensions variable, production year 2001.
Simulation of External Circumstance

Simulation of External Circumstance took place at art related events at two times during the year 2000. I simulated an electricity breakdown during two minutes by completely shutting down the main power supply to the venues.

Disjunction (and nowhere to turn to)

3-channel video installation, dimensions variable, projectors, dvd players, video relays, interactive speakers, CCIR video cameras, IR-lamps, IR sensors, audio mixer
Edition of 2, production year: 2000

Portenders: 003, Los Angeles, March 2000

Laminated inkjet-print on mdf, 40 x 30 cm, 2000. Edition of 10

Sharks in the Darkness

Video, 2000, 8 min 30 sec, edition of 3


Four pair of curtains in "beaver nylon", approx. 2x1 m each.

Protest Center

Internet-based work, no longer available online, 1999-2002

Lady Di Go Home!

Textile, acrylic, 6 x 0.5m, 1998

When the last gram of fat is consumed....

Human excrement on laminated particle board, cell plastic, detergent, acrylic on on laminated particle board, spray painted toilet paper rolls. Dimensions variable.

White Male

Sculpture, vacuum-formed plastic, enamel paint, life-size, 1993-94.

Power Comes Natural

Series of 3 works
Silkscreen on paper
Approx 30 x 50 cm