Jon Brunberg

Still from animation, 1993

101 Years

Flash animation, 2003, ca 60 sec
Edition of 10

(C)artography-map making as artform, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Sept 13 - Nov 10, 2007
Video Weekend, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, April 2006
101 Years and one vision for the future of mankind, Galleri Hlemmur, Reykjavik, Oct 4 -26, 2003.
Open Studios, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin, Sept 6, 2003

"101 Years" is an animation that shows all wars that were fought during the 20th century over 20 seconds. Like an epidemic or an accelerating skin disease, war is spreading over a black and white political map. Whenever a war starts a red and yellow circle lits up over the country where the war took place, accompanied by a distinct bomb sound effect, and fades into a purple semitransparent dot when the war was over. The resulting appearance resembles an increasingly dense bomb carpet as seen from above. Two counters keep track of the years and casualties.

The work is based on conflict research, most notably the work of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and the Uppsala Department for Peace and Conflict studies, which defines war as an armed conflict, in which at least one of the parties is a state, and at least 1000 soldiers or civilians were killed in battle-deaths in one year.

The work answers the question whether the world has changed after the September 11th attacks, with the image of a world engaged and entangled in a continuous struggle for power and blood-vengeance.


101 Years at "(C)artography" at Crawford Art Gallery in Cork
101 Years at Hlemmur Gallery in Reykjavik