Jon Brunberg

Tolerera - the anthology, 112 p, Swedish


Two-channel video installation, 12:30 min, loop
Book, 112 pages, in Swedish

Produced for the group exhibiion P.C. - an exhibition about intolerance
Commissioned by The Living History Forum
Venue: The Living History Forum, Stora Nygatan 10-12, Stockholm
Open: September 15, 2011 - December 2012, Mo-Fri noon to 5pm

Tolerate is a project that comprises several works wherein I'm examining tolerance and intolerance from a psychological point of view. My premise in this work is that, if we seek a more profound democracy, a greater respect for human rights and a lessening of human suffering and oppression, we will need a more tolerant society.

I've invited the psychoanalyst Tomas Böhm (1945-2013) and the psychologists Liria Ortiz and Fred Saboonchi to participate in two works, wherein they explain their views on tolerance and intolerance, and present psychological tools or methods that can be used by those who wish to become more tolerant, or who are in need of arguments or inspiration in their work against intolerance. They appear in a video and have written a chapter each for an anthology that was released April 25, 2012.

Tolerate was commissioned by The Living History Forum in Stockholm for the group exhibition P.C. - an exhibition about intolerance. The primary target group for the exhibition are students in the ages 16 to 19 years, who will view and interact with the works together with pedagogues in a workshop that lasts approximately two hours. The venue is open for regular visitors. The primary target group for the anthology are college teachers and the general public.

The exhibition also includes a third work in the series: a website where you can measure if your tolerance matches how tolerant you want to be. It should be noted that Böhm, Ortiz and Saboonchi don't participate in this particular work even though their work been a great inspiration.

About the participants:
Tomas Böhm (1945-2013) was a certified psychoanalyst, certified psychoterapist, specialist in general psychiatry and author *. Liria Ortiz is a certified psychologist, certified psychoterapist and a supervisor specialising in CBT, as well as being a training consultant, lecturer and author. Fred Saboonchi has a PhD in psychology, and is a lecturer at The Red Cross University College and a researcher at Karolinska Insitutet and Stockholm University.

* Tomas Böhm passed away on May 30, 2013 / Tomas Böhm avled den 30 maj 2013. Minnesord: SvD and N&K 

Participants' home page:
Tomas Böhm
Liria Ortiz
Fred Saboonchi

About the exhibition 'PC'
Tolerate - the anthology
Tolerate - the web tool

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Two-channel video installation, 12:30 min, loop. Book, 112 pages, in Swedish. Website/application at