Jon Brunberg

Power as metaphysics and measurable unit

The project can be seen as the last part in a triology that started with the ongoing multi-disciplinary work Utopian World Championship in 2001 and continued with the still unfinished Polynational War Memorial in 2004. The basic assumption that this work relies upon is the idea that power can be measured.

The Polynational War Memorial

The Polynational War Memorial is a process-based, multidisciplinary and long-term art project with the objective to create a proposal for an updateable memorial complex commemorating all killed military personnel and civilians in all wars fought from 1945.

The Utopian World Championship

The Utopian World Championship is an open, triannual competition in visionary thinking. The winner recieves 1000 Euro and the winning proposal is distributed to Heads of State, NGO's and individuals all over the world.