Jon Brunberg

Still image from video

Sharks in the Darkness

Video, 2000, 8 min 30 sec

The video has been shown at
“The Look of Love”, Oslo Open 2003 and Elverket, Stockholm 2003
"iArt, Work-in-progress", Art Node, Stockholm, 2000

The Swedish rock band Revlon 9 (Åsa Cederqvist, Maria Eilersen, Vejde Gustafsson och Nandor Hegedüs) performs the song "Sharks" in complete darkness, while they're being filmed with an infrared sensitive video camera. The setting is a small cabin in a remote part of the Stockholm Archipelago where the band has gathered to record some songs. The result is a music video with a prologue and an epilogue which is also filmed in darkness where the band members are discussing the their performance problems because of the darkness. This video is included in the bigger interactive video installation Disjunction (and nowhere to turn to) where it appears mixed together with other documentary footage.

Distributon: Filmform